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Saturday May 27, 2017


Bail Bonds Jacksonville FL
National Bonding Service

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A Bail Bonds Florida Inc.
125 North Market St.
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

With over 35 years in the business A Bail Bonds Florida has encountered every Bond and Payment situation possible we are confident your detained party will be with you tonight.

Bail Bonds Jacksonville A Bail Bonds Florida Inc.
Doing Business Since 1991 Servicing All 50 States.

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Jacksonville Bail Bonds:Payment PlansA Bail Bonds Florida Inc. Jacksonville Bail Bonds
Flex Payment Plans The cost to the Client is 10% of the total Bond.
We generally require a 50% down payment of the 10% necessary for Bonding.
For a National Bail Bond please call for your states %rate


Flexible Payment Plans

A Bail Bonds Florida CollateralA Bail Bonds Florida Inc. Jacksonville Bail Bond
Easy Collateral ProgramCollateral may not be needed for some Bonds.
FS 648.442 Collateral security.— (1)Collateral security or other indemnity required by the bail bond agent must be reasonable in relation to the amount of the bond. Other acceptable forms of security or indemnity may consist of the following: (a)A promissory note;(b)An indemnity agreement;(c)A real property mortgage in the name of the insurer;(d)Any Uniform Commercial Code filing; or(e)Any other type of security approved by the department. The department may approve other security only if, after considering the liquidity and other characteristics of the security, it determines that the security is of a type which increases the probability that the defendant will in fact appear in court or increases the probability that the defendant will be subsequently apprehended by the bail bond agent.

Easy Collateral Programs

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We Offer 24 Hour Service


Bail Bonds Jacksonville Fl A Bail Bonds Florida Inc.may not need collateral in some cases

National Bail Bond Service Bail Bonds Jacksonville offering flexible payments and an easy collateral program. please call Bail Bonds Jacksonville for all your bonding needs.

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