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Sunday May 19, 2019

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A Bail Bonds Florida is proud to represent clients from the Arlington area. Our office sometimes referred to, as Jacksonville Bail Bonds Arlington is quickly accessible via the Matthews or Hart Bridge. Over the years we've done business with quite a few members of the Arlington community and we understand and can cater to our Arlington client's needs. We will travel to your home to complete paperwork in cases where the Indemnitor is unable to reach our office. We will do everything possible to make our Arlington clients experience, smooth and without worry.

If you are located in Alington and you find yourself in need of a bond you made the right choice. For more information just call us at (904)353-8272 and ask for any of our bond agents,   Jerilyn, or Stephen for all your bonds needs.


Arlington History

Together with Northside, Westside, and Southside, Arlington is one of the large sections of Duval County. Initially, Arlington was a settlement to the east across the St. Johns River from Jacksonville; today it refers to most of Jacksonville east and south of the St. Johns, west of the Intracoastal Waterway, and north of the Arlington River and Southside. Using Geographic Information System to sort 87 businesses with "Arlington" in their name, McEwen came to a similar definition, though he noted that Arlington overlaps with Southside at its southern end.
Arlington was one of the first areas in the United States visited by Europeans; it was the site of the French Fort Caroline in 1564-1565, now represented by the Fort Caroline National Memorial. After the destruction of Fort Caroline, the area was only sparsely inhabited until the 19th century, when sawmills and plantations were established along the St. Johns River. After the American Civil War these gave way to residential developments, which were gradually absorbed into the Arlington community as it grew. The construction of the Matthews Bridge in 1953 opened the area up to significantly increased development, and over the next two decades Arlington became the fastest growing part of the Jacksonville area.