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Sunday May 19, 2019

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Ortega Jacksonville Is almost seconds away from A Bail Bonds Florida if you're in the Springfield area and need  a warrant check we would  be happy to conduct this check for you. If a valid warrant is found we will place you into our Fast-Track Program allowing you at your convenience to quickly settle the warrant. For more information about our Fast-Track Program please call 904-353-8272.

If you are located in Ortega Jacksonville and you find yourself in need of a bond you made the right choice. For more information just call us at (904)353-8272 and ask for any of our bond agents,   Jerilyn, or Stephen for all your bonds needs.


Ortega History

Ortega is located on the St. Johns River just south of the Riverside and Avondale area. It lies on a peninsula jutting into the St. Johns River, separated from the mainland by the St. Johns River to the east and the smaller waterway known as the Ortega River to the north and west. It was formerly an island until a land bridge was constructed on the southern end; this now carries U.S. Route 17, or Roosevelt Boulevard. Ortega is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Jacksonville and one of the wealthiest in the United States; it was listed as the 46th wealthiest are in Worth magazine.

Ortega is bisected by U.S. 17; the older area to the east of the road is known as "Old Ortega", while the area to the west is known as "Ortega Forest". On July 14, 2004 a section of Ortega to the east of 17 and north of Verona Boulevard was designated as the Old Ortega Historic District by the National Register of Historic Districts. The history of the area includes a number of interesting characters: botanist William Bartram; highwayman and cattle rustler Daniel McGirtt; and Don Juan McQueen, who attempted to establish a plantation on his 1791 Ortega land grant, but was forced to leave due to attacks of Georgians and the French. Gangster George "Machine Gun" Kelly and his wife were rumored to be the mysterious couple who abruptly left their rented Grand Avenue home hours before a midnight police raid in 1933. Ortega is home to hundreds of mid-size to large, turn-of-the-century homes and Southern-style mansions. Many of these homes are situated directly on the river, and the nature of the "island" allows ease of access to the waterways for all residents. Along with Avondale and Riverside, Ortega is home to some of the wealthiest of Jacksonville families. It is marked by a distinctly traditional Southern culture complete with one of the South's most exclusive debutante coiteries. The island is almost exclusively residential, the only exception being a small square in the section known as "Old Ortega" on the northside where a small collection of restaurants, boutiques, and a pharmacy are found. Ortega, with its giant oaks, waterfront mansions, and series of parks is widely considered one of the most beautiful residential areas of Northeast Florida. Naval Air Station Jacksonville is also located on the southside of this neighborhood.